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1. How do I get a quote?
Request a quote in the comments section of this contact page. Include as much detail as
possible - the quantity required, its intended use, is it a single or ongoing order (i.e.
monthly), product code, delivery address and an email address so we can forward a quote.

2. Intended use of product.
We have a vast knowledge of which products are best suited for packaging in terms of
weight, volume and presentation. Certain goods must be packaged under the Australian
Standard for storing dangerous goods and some chemicals cause packaging to breakdown.
Advice about the intended use is vital to ensure the right packaging/product is selected.

3. Why we need a Postcode?
Most customers require us to organise delivery via a freight company. To price the freight
and find the best freight provider we require a delivery address with a postcode.

4. Can I get a half carton or pack of products?
We only sell products by the carton and do not split cartons or packs. If you require less than
a carton let us know and we can pass your details on to our distributors who may be able to
sell smaller quantities.

5. Why do I need to quote a product code?
Many of our products have similar descriptions but are designed for various purposes or
made from different material. It is important the correct product is ordered to avoid extra
charges associated with returning and delivering the right product. Our website has images
of all the products and their associated product code for your reference.

6. Can I get a quick price over the phone?
Caled does not give quotes or prices over the phone. We require an email address or fax
number to send a quote. Normally you will receive the quotation within 24 hours.

7. Business name.
It is important if you are doing business with us for the first time or if you are a regular
customer to provide us with a business name so we can provide the best possible price.

8. Our products are recyclable.
Caled is committed to recycling and is a signatory to the Australian Packaging Covenant. All
of our products are recyclable. Check with your local Council to determine what recycling
systems are set up in your area.

9. Can you just pop in to pick up the product?
Factory door sales have to be pre-arranged both to ensure stock is available and to avoid
delays as orders are picked in order of receipt. When you email an order please indicate if
you plan to pick up your products and we will advise an appropriate pick up time.